Colic Gone® Testimonials

He was crying less during the day and not spitting up as much.
— Xena from Clarkville, TN
Its like a whole other baby . . . I’m grateful to Colic Gone.
— Bo from Lima, OH
With Colic Gone I finally have the happy baby I wanted.
— Rachel from Fredericksburg, OH
Its crazy to say but it works!
— Michele From Lisbon, ME

We now have a happier baby who is even starting to sleep through the night.
— Amy from Suffolk, VA
My only regret is that I didn’t try it sooner.
— JoAnne from Bozeman, MT
She seemed to be less gassy and fussy. She also started sleeping better at night.
— Torie from Fairfield, OH
He went from screaming 5 hours straight for no reason, to not screaming at all.
— Sarah from Weare, NH

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