Specifically Formulated For Reflux-Related Colic

how Colic Gone® can help

Having kids ourselves we recognized two major problems:

  1. No matter where we looked we couldn't find a colic product that had strong published scientific evidence; and
  2. There were no products at all that were developed specifically to address reflux-related colic

To address these two issues we developed Colic Gone®.

The science behind our product is based on the research of Dr. John Geibel and his team at Yale University, who discovered that certain zinc salts could lower stomach quickly and effectively. Stomach acid may be the source of reflux-related colic. They published their work in a leading scientific journal (Am J Gastroenterology.2011 Jan;106(1):62-70).  


In the course of doing our homework on the products that are available today we discovered some very interesting information about gripe water that we wanted to share. We were surprised to learn that gripe water actually has no clinical evidence showing that it works for colic. More so, we found another published paper that showed gripe water " . . . may be associated with vomiting and constipation". We've included the references below - have a look for yourself.