Specifically Formulated For Reflux-Related Colic

You Don't Have To Be

  • Colic is when your otherwise healthy baby cries for no reason for long periods of time (at least 3 hours per day for at least 3 days per week for at least 3 weeks). 

  • For most babies colic is pretty normal - actually 1 out of 5 babies experience colic

  • Colic usually goes away on its own by the time baby is able to sit up and eat solid foods

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So what can you do until then?

  • Many colic complaints seem to happen during/after feeding or when baby is lying down
  • These might be related to reflux, when stomach contents, including acid, come back up
  • This causes irritation and makes babies uncomfortable
  • But there is a natural way to neutralize this acid and bring baby comfort
  • Colic Gone® is based on discoveries made by Dr. John Geibel and his team from Yale University which found that by using certain zinc salts they could lower stomach acid rapidly and effectively.
  • They published their studies in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.
  • In partnership with Yale we developed Colic Gone® which is the only product specifically formulated to bring comfort and relief from reflux-related colic. 


We had tried everything such as gas drops, gripe water and Zantac with little to no success. However after trying Colic Gone we are glad to say he is way less fussy and gassy. In addition, he no longer cries for hours every night.
But with Colic Gone I finally have the happy baby I wanted and she’s much more comfortable.
— Rachel From Fredricksburg, OH
When she is very fussy I give her Colic Gone and this alleviates her belly pains.
— Torie from Fairfield, OH
He has yet to cry for an unknown reason since I have been giving him Colic Gone.
— Sarah From Weare, NH

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Did you know that published research has found that gripe water doesn't work? 

We found no direct information from RCTs (randomized control trials) about the effects of gripe water in infants with colic.
— British Medical Journal - Clinical Evidence Feb. 2010
More over gripe water administration does not seem to prevent infantile colic and on the other hand, may be associated with vomiting and constipation.
— Journal of Clinical Diagnostic Research Nov. 2015

Folks even asked us if we would go head-to-head with the leading gripe water brand . . . and we did. Watch a 30-second challenge putting Colic Gone® up against the leading brand. 

There is a better alternative . . .

We partnered with Yale University to develop Colic Gone® for parents like you

  • Colic Gone® is the only product specially designed for reflux-related colic

  • The team at Yale discovered that zinc could lower stomach acid rapidly which can provide fast relief and comfort for babies with reflux-related colic

  • They published their scientific studies in a leading journal, the American Journal of Gastroenterology

  • HERE IS THE BONUS: Zinc is an essential mineral that helps over 300 enzymes in the human body function property and is very important for your babies proper development