Gripe Water Secrets They Don't Want You To Know

We've all heard of gripe water, probably from our parents or well-meaning friends. But have you looked into the science behind gripe water? Probably not because there is none. 

In 2010 the British Medical Journal (Clinical Evidence 2010 Feb 5;2010. pii: 0309) reported that "we found no direct information from RCTs [randomized control trials] about the effects of gripe water in infants with colic". So no clinical evidence that gripe water works for colic. None. 

Other journals went on to review the ineffectiveness of gripe water but it was the Journal of Clinical Diagnostic Research (2015 Nov;9(11):SC06-8) that reported in 2015 "gripe water administration does not seem to prevent infantile colic and on the other hand, may be associated with vomiting and constipation". Clearly not something that you'd want to give to your little one. 

Despite these scientific studies gripe water continues to be the leading colic relief product in the United States, driven primarily by its wide degree of retail availability and marketing spend. The gripe water manufacturers would have you believe that their "all-natural" solution is based on hundreds of years of ancient medicine but do the research yourselves. Gripe water may not be all it claims. 

David Kolb